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Re: RE: Re: Keeping Water Lily::Mangkala Ubol>>Started March 13, 2016

Unread postby SCORPIO » Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:37 am

navneethtk wrote:
SCORPIO wrote:And the beautiful flower.



Comments are most welcome.

Sir you need to provide a bigger pot if you plan to have it bloom more.

All the tubs we have are 14" height and 2.5' feed wide with a smaller base.

Never use rocks as top substrate as it makes it difficult for baby plants to form. (although some lilies propagate through viviparous method)

The first bloom is always the smallest, later the bloom can get as wide as 8-9" in some species depending on the space you provide. Smaller the space, more they stunt. The pot you've given is quiet small, the adult plant leaf is the size of that pot itself. Please see if you can move them to a bigger home.

Have attached an image of a vanwisa lily from our collection. This is how a mature flower should be.


Also when you provide adequate space you'll get multiple blooms from a single plant at the same time. The below image is a peach blow from our collection.

See the space we've provided for each lily.

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I am also planning to change the pots into bigger tubs. I am also growing lillies in some of the old 3 footer aquariums.

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Re: Keeping Water Lily::Mangkala Ubol>>Flower Page 2>>18/07/2016

Unread postby anirudh777 » Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:13 pm

SCORPIO wrote:
anirudh777 wrote:Good. A lot of water lilies are found here in Kerala.I have the Light pink and Dark pink varieties in my pond.I had Blue too but it died out because of low temperature (planted it in monsoon)

Kerala is the heaven of aquatic plants.

True.Gonna collect some during summer.Missed my chance this summer