What Tank to use

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What Tank to use

Unread postby nalak86 » Sun Mar 20, 2016 9:42 am

Yep ... Not going for high cost tank anymore :p :p

What should be the lighting for 2 feet tank???

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Re: RE: Re: What Tank to use

Unread postby sushant » Sun Mar 20, 2016 10:08 am

Abhishekc16 wrote:So instead of that why not make a custom tank from LFS a 2feet tank would cost you max to max 1k ada amazonia would cost u 1.9k co2 would cost you 6k and filter would cost you 1.5k for sunsun 603B then lights would cost u another 1k with custom diy hood
So in total 11.4k.. 1.4k extra from fluval edge which is just the tank...
And if you go without co2 low tech cost will come down to 6k if its a crypt anubias setup
So its totally upto you what you wanna do :)

Abhishek you make a good effort on breaking down the cost but few things that need to be notice is that:
1) i think the rates you have mentioned is little on the lower side
2) you will require atleast two bags of Aquasoil for tank that size.
3) Sunday 603B won't be enough (I have 1 on my 5 gallon and don't think it has enough flow for anything bigger.

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Re: What Tank to use

Unread postby Abhishekc16 » Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:53 am

Yes true i frgt abt the fact its a 2feeter so he would require more or less two bags. Oops and sunsun 603b does a really good job though under that price...to b honest price doesnt matter all depends on your experience... I have seen people making beautiful tanks uunder 4k :D

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Re: What Tank to use

Unread postby vikramdutta11 » Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:04 pm

Though I have used 1 bag of ADA in my 2 ftr, but 1.5 bag will be sufficient. CO2 rate is on the higher side, it may cost around 4k to 4.5k without solenoid for 2kg cylinder,diffuser, bubble counter and regulator. I am using SUNSUN 603B in my tank and with it I have another wavemaker of 1000LPH, SOBO make, in this model the flow can be controlled. Cost around Rs. 350/-.
Summing Up - CO2 - 4.5k
Soil - 3.8k
tank - 1.00k
Light 1.00k
Can Fil- 1.5K
Wavemaker - 350
Total it comes to - 12150. So you can make a high tech tank with Rs. 12150/-. Now you decide.