Led lighting for my new tank

Post your quires regarding lighting needs in planted aquariums.
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Re: RE: Re: Led lighting for my new tank

Unread postby ajinkyajin » Fri Aug 26, 2016 1:52 pm

sushant wrote:People have stop using WPG many years back as it doesn't have much of a relevance in modern lighting. Though it can give a rough idea for fluorescent tubes it cannot be applied to Leds.

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I know its calculated in PAR for LEDs and also LEDs have more lumens,so just wanted to see how things go with these ones.I am not quite experienced as this is just my second tank.
Also cant find t5ho or plls anywhere here in Haridwar :( so buying from ebay was my only option.
Anyway what do you recommend other than existing ones?

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