Aquatic Photography Competition

Post your quires related to aquatic photography.
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Aquatic Photography Competition

Unread postby jibran_shariff » Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:32 pm

the wait is over and here comes the quarterly aquatic photography competition

The rules of the competition
- member must have atleast 10 votes, before he can submit a photography.
- any member submitting a photograph that does not belong to him, will be disqualified.
- the photograph submitted must not be watermarked nor named so that it identifies the owner.
- the result announced will be final.
- one member can submit only one photograph per quarterly competition.
- any competing member may not coax or rally for his photograph, nor any indication to be given as to whom the photograph belongs to.
- one winner and one runner up shall be selected in each competition.
- only photographs that are in focus, and with clean glass shall be selected, any photographs submitted which are totally out of focus or have dirty glass, shall be disqualified.
- the subject of your photograph has to be of aquatic category, whether it be on the flora or the fauna kingdom, all other types shall be disqualified.

How a winner is selected
- the points awarded to each entry is divided into two categories, half the points shall be given by the mode of voting by members, and another half by the judge of the photographs.
- the photographs submitted shall undergo polling by the members.
- the winning photograph shall be displayed as a new thread for the quarter and also there shall be a brief description given that shall explain why the photograph was selected by the judges.
- judging of the photographs shall be on a key set of properties
* ingenuity.
* subject pose.
* exposure.
* detail.
* composition.
* difficulty of the shot.
- each of the above shall be rated for 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Annual Photography Competition
- the winners and runners up for each quarterly competition shall be selected and we shall have one separate competition on every january.
- in this competition only members voting shall be considered, to select the winning photograph.

How to Enter
- photographs will be accepted from 1st january till 26th february, 1st april till 31st may, 1st july till 31st august, and 1st october till 30th november, for the respective quarterly competitions.
- send the photographs to "".
- remember to keep the subject line "Photography Competition - <userId>". if this is not the subject of ur mail, it shall be sent to the trash, and i shall not be able to receive ur entries.
- use ur aquapetz userid please, not ur real names.

Happy fishkeeping and photography.