Aquatic plants for Sale/Exchange.

Post about the items, you want to sale. Prices are allowed but bargaining is prohibited. Only Admin/Moderator can reply. Seller and buyers are only responsible for any type of critics. is not responsible for any fraud in deal.
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Aquatic plants for Sale/Exchange.

Unread postby SCORPIO » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:50 pm

I have following aquatic plants for sale/Exchange with other plants:
1. Alternanthera reineckii mini - 20 stems
2. Rotala rotundofolia pink 200 stems
3. Lobelia cardinalis 20 stems
4. Moss balls 3 No.s
5. Ludwigia inclinata cuba 10 Stems
6. Ammania sp. bonsai 30 Stems
7. Subwassertang 1 bunch
8. Alternanthera reineckii Burgandi 10 Stems
9. Eriocaulon sp, 5 No.s
10. Hydrocotyle honda 50 stems
11. Heteranthera zosterifolia 30 stems
12. Hemianthus micranthemoides 200 stems
13. Ludwigia rubin red 30 stems

Able to send anywhere in India through DTDC.
All the plants are tank grown.

Also interested in exchange with Mosses/Bucephalandra sp./Anubias etc.

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