Easy to Grow Plants - List

Post your queries and experience related to aquatic plants and planted aquariums
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Re: Easy to Grow Plants - List

Unread postby juanico » Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:03 am

sushant wrote: wojtek have achieved some decent growth(the best i have seen) with them and should start a journal on how to grow themthem

java ferns grow in all my setups (kH4, 150 ppm)
- with or without CO2,
- with high light...grows like hell, with little light still grows decently
- with or without ferts
- low temp, up to 32C

Another easy plant (actually my favourite) is Ludwigia repens...looks great, easy to grow, hardy, easily available, no ferts or CO2 required, low light is sufficient, can take 30C, doesn't need any substrate...and again, it looks awesome

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Re: Easy to Grow Plants - List

Unread postby navneethtk » Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:36 pm

Ferns are hard to grow? My windelov, needle ferns and java ferns are all growing like weeds. I propogate them once a month. My tanks are 2.5wpg and 3wpg with diy co2.

Few plants which I find easy to grow:
Rotala sp.
Hydrocotyle sp.
Hygrophyila polysperma
Crypto sp.