Want to buy plants Delhi NCR proposed Solutions

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Want to buy plants Delhi NCR proposed Solutions

Unread postby parthapratim22 » Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:03 pm

I have seen these kind of thread a lot without any solution.

Few points would request you all to note before you go in search for plants.

A. You will hardly get plants in LFS of this region.
B. All our aquatic plant nursery are at south India. So best is to order online. And its proved. Condition applied unless you get good quality plants from LFS or local hobbyist. There are few.
C. Don't buy plants in summer through online as almost all plant will arrive almost melt. Condition applied: some exception on your own risk. Try to start buying plants in pre-monsoon and rest of the year, you know excluding summer.
D. Now question is whom to buy online, few names are Seetharam Rai, Finsnflora, Prithivi Pets, Still water aquatics and few more. They all are from Kerala, chennai, blore. No promotion considered please.
E. Rates varies from seller, "more the sugar, sweeter it is" applies here also. You can find difference in service and quality of plants.

Your query welcome.

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