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Re: Fish Profiles

Unread postby KarthikC » Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:40 pm

Well well, no one contributing here.. Anyways, let me continue.

Sturisoma Festivum

Characteristics: This is a typical bottom dweller. Not very shy. Cannot get out of tricky places. This is a very docile fish, does not trouble any other fish.
Likes to mimic twigs, so add a lot of them in your tank. They love hanging around in the same place for a long time.

Diet: Feeds on bottom sinking food. I have been successful in feeding it: Cucumbers, Hikari Algae Wafers, Frozen Shrimp, Blood worms. This is not an "algae eater" at all! Please do not get it to free your tank of algae.

Tank size etc: group of 4-6 should be ok in a 3 feeter. Since this is a docile fish, you would definitely like other fish along with it. Less light, not very constricted hiding places like tiny caves should be good.

Tankmates: Docile tankmates preferred. This fish is a very slow swimmer; keep this in mind while selecting tank mates. Fast fish means they outcompete this one for food. Also, pesky fish may attack it's fragile tail.

Here's a pic:



PS: pls contribute guys!!


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Re: RE: Re: Fish Profiles

Unread postby ghoshparas » Thu May 11, 2017 3:12 pm

KarthikC wrote:Ok, I see no updation from other guys. Let me continue :)

YOYO Loach/Botia almorhae

Characteristics: Bottom dwellers, but amazingly active. Like to be in groups of more than 3. If you have single, pair of loach, they're hiding most of the time. They have amazing pattern: YoYo on them :) Here's a pic:


Amazingly hardy fish and very hard to catch too. If you are planning to add them in the tank, make sure it's a long term decision :) THey're fun to watch in the tank.

Diet: They eat just about anything. They even come to the water surface (if there are no aggressive fish) to eat. Shrimp, peas, pellets, anything. There's a good thing about them: they eat snails. So if you have a spare tank other than your planted tank, you can add the snails you find in your planted tanks to them. They just suck the snails out of their shells. :)

Tank size etc: I think 5 of them can do well in a 2 feeter tank. Add suitable tankmates like small barbs, or any small fish of similar size. Strict no for planted tanks, compared to other loaches, these dig more. In fact when u have to mantain the tank, they go into hiding beneath stones, wood etc by digging into the substrate. Be cautious. A sandy substrate is a must since they love to dig into it to find food. They jump when they're stressed. Be careful.

Tankmates: Practically lives with any fish!! But be careful, the bigger fish might find this as a snack. I remember I had this fish with my oscar and the loaches never used to come out, but still lived through the turbulence ;) They do ok with other loaches. I had a schistura deniisoni with this, no problems at all. They don't trouble other fish; however, sometimes, they seem to pick off some food from other fish. This happened with my Angel Fish; but no serious attack etc.

One pic of my Yoyo School, as I said, they love to hang out together. You can see all 5 loaches in my tank, together.




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