So the romifex crashed!

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Re: So the romifex crashed!

Unread postby shergill00 » Mon May 20, 2013 10:06 pm

[quote="deepesh"]No probs sukhdeep. If there are mosquitoes then you are doing fine. The watery white stuff is likely a bacterial colony. Wash it off and keep up with the water changes.

@ deepesh this romifex is playing hide and seek with me. In the morning i could see only one small cluster and when I saw the box in thee evening and it was bursting with population bomb.i could see around 15 clusters of worms. You can collect them tomorrow.

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Re: So the romifex crashed!

Unread postby Romi » Tue May 21, 2013 12:54 am

VishaalDalal wrote:Wash the culture box and flood the scotch brite, you may see some small clumps. to restart the culture.

this stinking mess is actually a cycle in my cultures every month or 2 i get this mass destruction in my cultures (happens one by one) the only thing i see to combact this is to change the scotch brite(i wash the old one and put it in the sun to dry and disinfect.(reuse this in the next cycle.)

This is what i do too. Take the scotchbrite pad out, rinse and dry it, and replace with a previously cleaned and dried one. A big enemy of these worms is the insidious slime fungus that appears when the culture is not doing well. it looks like a sheet of slime, and competes with the worms. When it colonises the pad too deep, the worms give up. unless you are willing to spend a lot of time sucking it out with the 60 ml syringe, regularly. Possible but tedious. Better start afresh with a different Scotchbrite pad.

i never use brand new pads either. i float it in a tank first, so that it is colonised by some nice friendly bacteria first. every culture is like a cycled tank, it needs the right balance of helpful bacteria. Otherwise, the scum appears and takes over..

BTW, i never handle the worms. For feeding i suck them out with the syringe, and then shake it so that the balls separate and the worms are swimming individually. Then i just squirt the worm water into the tank and watch the fish dive for their food. Change water with syringe, suck out worms and feed, with the syringe. And if u are just getting the first bits of the slime sheet, suck that out (gathers easily, like cloth), and squirt into your potted plants.

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Re: So the romifex crashed!

Unread postby deepesh » Tue May 21, 2013 5:49 am

Thanks a lot for the offer Sukhdeep! I am going to Ludhiana for a marriage and will be back on the 25th. Will come then. I expect to have something to give in exchange. ;)

So now the live food masters are coming out with their personal innovations on the standard technique. Keep them coming guys. I was using a similar technique as Romi when planning my third culture. I was using the waste water from the worms water change to inoculate the pads but disaster intervened.

By the way Romi, IPad spell check insists on Romeo when I type your name! :)
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So the romifex crashed

Unread postby MichaelPex » Fri Dec 12, 2014 5:18 am

The first ones a Hemibarbus labeo and the second ones a Fugu niphoblis. The puffer is pretty peaceful and the labeos a little skittish