Culturing Daphnia. Source : CIFE (Versova)

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Culturing Daphnia. Source : CIFE (Versova)

Unread postby superbsite » Sat Nov 23, 2013 8:03 pm

Recently we Mumbai IAH Hobbyists made a trip to the Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE) at Andheri, Versova

Dr V K Tiwari explained on how to culture daphnia


Daphnia Food ie: Slurry Preparation

1} 10 kg cowdung
2} 5 kg groundnut oilcake
3} 2 kg Single super phosphate

All above ingredients mixed with 300 liters of water with aeration.
After two days of aeration it can be used in the culture tank.
Every 10 days a new slurry has to be made

Daphnia Culture Tank Preparation

Day 1: In a tank with 100 liters of water add the slurry at 4 ml/liter
Day 2: Add 4ml/liter of the slurry to the tank.
Day 3: Add the starter culture of daphnia to this tank. About 50 per liter (more or less)
Day 4 – Day 7: Feed 2ml/liter of the slurry to the daphnia culture tank and harvest on the 7th day.
Day 5: Add new daphnia for boosting reproduction
Day 8: Start a new culture

I've created an excel to calculate your ingredients for smaller setups
Daphnia Culture Calculations.xlsx

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Re: Culturing Daphnia. Source : CIFE (Versova)

Unread postby Tsmmakika » Sat Sep 12, 2015 2:33 pm

I read it this bad dream.