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Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:27 pm
Most Welcome to
We are hopeful to learn that the guidelines will provide you all the necessary information and knowledge required in order to maintain the standard of this portal. We hope that mutual exchange of experience and knowledge will make hobby popular in all over the world. We encourage you to interact with the guidelines regarding the posting of any queries and replies of the same from other & also our determination is to maintain certain standard and culture of good language and practical conduct. Make sure that your posts are truly correct based on facts and figures. By culture we mean to inculcate tone and type of response. We want to generate a friendly atmosphere which enables the participation of everyone.
We need your continuous Support, Suggestions and Advice to make a successful portal.

Happy Fishkeeping.

Team Aquapetz!

Rules and Regulations
• Please search carefully about your topic in old threads before posting a new one. If you aren't satisfied with the available information, start a new thread.
• Always start new thread in the relevant forum so that readers can respond effectively.
• All the replies should be relevant to the subject. Always try to establish a serious discussion.
• Do not Copy/Paste contents published in any other website/newspaper/magazine. Always post your own work. If anybody posts copyrighted matter here, he/she will be held responsible for his/her own act. If you really want to share the information published in other media, a link will be sufficient.
• Use only proper English language. Avoid other languages, SMS language. It does not mean, we are against other languages. Always try to follow proper grammar.
• Heading of thread should be meaningful to the contents posted by you so that readers can get the taste of entire thread without opening the full thread.
• Always respect the traditional moral values of Indian culture before posting. We should respect National Integrity. Do not post anything to tease any Religion, Region or Language. Indians are known for their moral values in all over the world. Please do not post anything against any Political Party, Leader, Religion, Region or Organization.
• This portal is developed by hobbyists for hobbyists. Please do not post anything to hurt any hobbyist.
• Always respect all the members of Avoid rude, foil and vulgar language towards any member. Your behavior and language always points your thinking level and family values.
• If you have any complaint against any member including Admin/Editor/Moderator, please mail/PM to Admin. Do not post anything publicly against him/her.

Happy Fishkeeping.

Rajiv Sharma